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  • Six Cygnets Swimming
    Mama and Papa BlackSwan of Chelsea Pond are thrilled to announce the arrival of six adorable cygnets, cuter than a duck's bum.
    Posted: Monday 14 September 2009
  • I loooove Airstreams
    That's it, no more tents for me. Airstreams are the ubercool land yachts of caravanning. Camping Dog Cleo thought so, and she should know. When those Northern Saskatchewan mozzie vampires started buzzing their blood-sucking tune outside, I lazed about inside sipping cab sav and playing cards. Got to love the Silver Egg.
    Posted: Thursday 3 September 2009
  • Powwow Wow
    The wolf head or the bison horns - I couldn't decide which was my favourite at the Dakota Dunes Powwow in Saskatoon. Maybe the orange and yellow feathered Chicken Dance headdresses and bustles. A powwwow is a feathered, fringed and beaded thing of beauty.
    Posted: Sunday 30 August 2009

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