Karen Goa's blog: June 2014

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  • GoaNotes - the oddities of everyday life
    On my walk round the Chelsea duck pond, I heard a strange 'bwamp bwamp bwamp'. That's an odd fowl, thought I. As I rounded a parked car the mystery of the weird birdy noise was solved. A 50-ish man sat in the back of his car, practising the slide trombone (practising in the front seat is obviously out, unless you're in a convertible).
    Posted: Saturday 7 June 2014
  • GoaGlassArt exhibit at VEFA 6-9 Jun, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand
    GoaGlassArt Crooked City tiles and Orbit bowls are on sale at the Vauxhall School Exhibition of Fine Art, Morrison Ave, Devonport. Beautiful artworks from dozens of talented artists are on display - bring your wallet...
    Posted: Saturday 7 June 2014


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