Karen Goa's blog: April 2013

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  • Travel Book Reading on Radio NZ National
    ‘Bitten by the Bullet’ by Steve Krzystyniak and Karen Goa will be broadcast at 10.45am in 10 episodes, starting on Monday, 8 April.
    It will be read by the incomparably talented New Zealand actor Jacob Rajan (I’m a huge fan), of the Indian Ink theatrical company. www.indianink.co.nz
    The episodes will be available after broadcast each day on the Radio New Zealand website www.radionz.co.nz/audio
    Posted: Thursday 4 April 2013
  • Down the Motu track, part 1. Our motorbike slipped and judddered down a skinny rocky road through bush so primeval I expected a moa to crash through it at any moment. On the right the cliff fell away so steeply that if we slipped over it no one would find us for a hundred years. As we quietly congratulated ourselves on being so adventurous, a herd of senior citizen mountain bikers whizzed past, waving and smiling.
    Posted: Tuesday 2 April 2013


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