Karen Goa - Travel Writer/Photographer and Glass Artist

Karen Goa is a New Zealand-based writer of fiction, travel, food and medical publications, a travel photographer and a glass artist.

Karen's award-winning travel stories and keen-eyed photography make readers feel like they're powwowing in Saskatchewan or temple-gazing in Cambodia. Her road trip travel books and short stories broadcast on Radio New Zealand entertain readers all over the world.

Her  funny, good-hearted and sharply entertaining novel My Father's Ears is available as an ebook 

Karen is also a fused glass artist with an eye for colour (lots of it) and quirky design. 

On the left brain side of things, she is a highly experienced medical writer and editor.

reclining cave Buddha


fused glass pendants, brooches and earrings



© Copyright 2009 Karen Goa Auckland, New Zealand

© Copyright Karen Goa
Auckland 0626, New Zealand